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One of the most famous types of recreation on Planet Earth is the watching of television series as well as movies. For starters, these kinds of productions allow us to look at things more seriously, having a very careless outlook on life. Turning the tables around, we also see that these shows and movies make us giggle in the moments when our lives are too gloomy. The work of Streaming services comes here, as it fulfills your entertainment purposes.

What Makes Streaming Services The Preferred Choice 

If you ask anyone who watches either television shows or movies, they will tell you that you have two main options in terms of being able to watch these kinds of productions. The first option is to watch them on television. However, there are quite a few problems with that.

You will have to scroll through the channels to find a show you like. If you are not lucky enough to land on the corresponding channel at a time when the show has just started, it would mean that you would have missed a significant chunk of the storyline. Afterward, you will have to ensure your availability in front of a television screen every time the show airs.

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Advantages of Streaming Services

If whatever we have described in the preceding paragraph seems like a lot of work to you, we completely agree with you! The alternative to watching productions on television shows is watching productions on streaming services. Streaming services give you a lot of advantages. They give you the flexibility to choose whenever and wherever to watch the productions. This means you can get to watch your preferred show at any time of day and wherever, as long as you have a screen with you. That screen could be of laptops, desktops, tablets, and phones.

Secondly, they have extensive movie and television show libraries; meaning you are bound to find at least one production you like if you have free time and want to watch something worth seeing. If you, like us, are sold on streaming services; know that you will only have a good experience with them if you have quality internet. After all, there is nothing more capable of causing frustration in your mind than a lag in the stream when you are in the middle of a scene full of suspense! If you do not currently have a top-notch internet connection, we suggest getting started on acquiring an Xfinity internet connection. Comcast Xfinity exemplifies dependability.

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Best Streaming Services

Now that we have listed why subscribing to streaming services is the right choice for you to make and what kind of internet infrastructure you need, let us explore the different options you have in this field. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you will have a better idea about all the more popular streaming services available in the market. 


Netflix may be the biggest streaming service in terms of subscriber base. We say this with a lot of surety because it has a total of, at the very least, 220 million subscribers spread across many countries of the globe we all live in. There are multiple reasons for its popularity. The movie and TV show library of Netflix is not only large, but all the featured productions are of high quality. This means that your likely like the production on Netflix is pretty high.

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Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video might just be the largest streaming service regarding the total number of shows and movies featured in its library. The library is extremely large, but it is also very diverse. You can watch shows from a wide variety of nationalities and languages. 


Only a fool would say that Hulu is not a big player in the streaming services world. While its subscriber base is not as big as that of Netflix, it is still quite large. It has a total of 45 million users on Planet Earth. One reason to subscribe to Hulu is that intermittently bundle packages of its subscription come up paired with subscriptions to the leading music app Spotify. If you are a fanatic of movies and shows and music, you might be a Hulu subscriber!

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