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Briana Jungwirth

Briana Jungwirth, an American stylist, was born on January 26, 1992, in California, United States of America. Born as the daughter of Joe Jungwirth, a construction manager, and his wife Tammi Clark, a former bikini model and actress, Briana has the birth sign Aquarius. With a height of 1.68 m, she has got an amazing figure. Her parents got separated when she was ten, and her father married to singer-songwriter, Karen Lawrence. She grew up with her brother Austin, and she has a step-brother from her mother’s side, Brett Clark. Briana from Agoura High School has completed her degree in 2010.

briana jungwirth


Briana following her mother’s footsteps became an American stylist. She works on California fashion shoots. She made her appearance in an episode of “Baywatch”. Briana got famous for her relationship with One Direction band-member and “The X Factor” star Louis Tomlinson. They met in 2015 by their mutual friend and got into the affair after Louis break up with his long-term girlfriend, Elanor Calder. The couple came to be popular after the news of her becoming pregnant. They welcomed their first child as a son Freddie Reign on January 21, 2016, in Los Angeles.

briana jungwirth

Sadly, the couple had a conflict in July after Briana noticed that Louis had a son with the other woman, Dannielle Campbell. She saw a picture of Dannielle trying to be her son’s mother by holding Freddie. This took Briana and Louis towards separation. Briana though stopped Louis from seeing their child, but later they had a settlement which permitted that he could see his son for an overnight stay without the permission. However, some 1D fans accused Briana that she got desperate to get Louis back.

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Later, in 2016, Briana found her partner as Jayk Purdy, who is a bandmember of “After Romeo”. She even shared her picture and video of her family going out for dinner with Purdy to her followers. They also had a picture of going into the concerts together. However, the couple separated after she twitted that Louis cheated her. Though people criticized her in social media, she backfired them by saying they don’t know her story.

briana jungwirth

Many controversies came to the media after her breakups. Mainly for her break up with Louis, 1D fans staged that her pregnancy was to distract people’s attention from their rumored relationship. Also, she got the tag of a gold-digger who uses her relationships with celebrities for popularity and money.

Briana is also a multi-millionaire. American stylist has an average salary of $14.35 per hour. It is the fact that she also gets the same salary. Besides, from the separation with Louis Tomlinson, she has received about $15 million for their child’s expense. Briana receives around $1500 as a monthly allowance.

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