Anna Maria Horsford

Anna Maria Horsford is a well-known celebrity in America who has established her name from her acting. In addition, she is a popular television and film actress. She came into fame after her role on the W.B. sitcom “The Wayans Bros” and on the NBC sitcom “Amen.” Anna has been active in her career since […]

Sophia Rosalinda Bratt

Sophia Rosalinda Bratt is an American actress who started working in the entertainment field as a child actress. She is also known as the Starkid of famous actor Benjamin Bratt and popular actress Talisa Soto.   Where was Sophia Rosalinda Bratt born? Sophia Rosalinda was born on 6 December 2002 in Los Angeles, California, United […]

Mary Kate Schellhardt

Mary Kate Schellhardt is an American actress who is known for her versatile acting skills. She became actively involved in the entertainment field in 1993 and to date, she is vigorously showing off her acting talent. This actress is well-known for her drama film ‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape‘ in 1993. Moreover, she is also famous […]

Krysten Ritter- Professional Actress well-known for series Jessica Jones and Breaking Bad, been in the industry since 2001.

Who is Krysten Ritter? Krysten Ritter is a popular figure in the entertainment industry. She is a professional actress, musician, and Model. She is well-known for her role on the Netflix series Jessica Jones as Jessica Jones. You may also know her as Jane Margolis of the series Breaking Bad. 38-year-old Ritter has been in […]

Sean Harris

Sean Harris is an English actor and writer who has actively worked in the entertainment field since 1994 to date. This actor became interested in acting and enrolled at Drama Centre London. Moreover, he also joined the theatre and played in various plays like ‘Romeo and Juliet,’ ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream,’ and many more. Eventually, […]