Peter Cullen

Peter Cullen is a professional Canadian voice actor. He is famous for lending his voice in the original 1980s “Transformers” animated series as the “Optimus Prime.” He is also renowned for most of the other incarnations of the character. Also, he is widely known for lending his voice to a variety of popular media, which […]

Angeline Appel

Angeline Appel is an American actress who has worked in the entertainment field since 2012 to date. She started her acting career at the age of 19 and is now one of the finest actresses in the industry. Likewise, her notable acting role came in the 2015 TV movie, ‘Babysitter’s Black Book’ where she played […]

Tom Ellis

Tom Ellis is a popular figure in the entertainment industry. Professionally, he is an actor. The fans of the series Lucifer know him as the charming Lucifer Morningstar ohalukr The Devil. You may also know him from the series Miranda. 42-year-old Ellis has been in the entertainment industry since 2001 for 20 years. Where was […]

Oliver Stark

Oliver Stark is a big name in the entertainment industry. He is a professional actor. You may know him as Evan Buckley from the series 9-1-1 on Fox or Ryder from Into the Badlands. 29-year-old Oliver has been in the entertainment industry since 2011. Where was Oliver Stark born? Oliver Stark was born on the […]

Laura Bailey

Laura Bailey is a famous name in the entertainment industry. She is an American voice actress and voice director. She is best known for providing her voice for English-language versions of anime, animation, and video games. Her notable voicing characters include Make Albarn in an animated series “Soul Eater” in 2008 and for the portrayal […]

Darla Taylor

Darla Taylor is a popular figure in the entertainment industry who has actively worked in the entertainment industry since 2010. Interested in acting from her childhood days, she eventually became one of the famous actresses. She is a professional actress who is also known for her portrayal of Olivia in the 2016 film Kindergarten Cop […]

Anna Maria Horsford

Anna Maria Horsford is a well-known celebrity in America who has established her name from her acting. In addition, she is a popular television and film actress. She came into fame after her role on the W.B. sitcom “The Wayans Bros” and on the NBC sitcom “Amen.” Anna has been active in her career since […]