Opal Perlman is an American jewelry designer and entrepreneur. She belonged to the Afro-American ethnicity and was raised in the United States. Moreover, Opal rose to fame after she married an American known actor, Ron Perlman. Though she is secretive about her life as her husband is a popular face, Opal’s name also comes into the spotlight.

Talking more, she has her own jewelry line named Opal Stone Fine Jewellery. This jewelry line has accessories like bangles, earrings, rings, etc., made up of high-quality materials. Opal has a successful career line like her husband, Ron. Moreover, their marriage life is also fascinating, and their audience shows immense interest in knowing about their love life. So let’s learn the insides about Opal Perlman husband and their relationship.

Opal Perlman
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Opal Perlman Husband

Opal tied a knot to the famous American actor Ron Perlman. Their wedding happened on Valentine’s day, February 14, 1981. Talking about Ron, he is an award-winning American actor who has appeared in acclaimed mobies and television series. Moreover, he is recognized for his acting roles in ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ ‘Outlander,’ ‘Sons of Anarchy,’ and many other projects.

Opal and Ron’s Children

Following their auspicious marriage, the couple together has two children. Their first child is a daughter named Blake Perlman, born in 1984. Blake is also an actress who started her acting career in 2008. Likewise, their second child is a son named Brandon Avery Perlman, born in 1990. Brandon is an electronic musician whose stage name is Delroy Edwards.

Opal Perlman
Opal Perlman and her husband, Ron Perlman, with their daughter Blake and son Brandon at the “Hell Boy II: The Golden Army” World Premiere.
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How Did Opal and Ron Meet?

During Ron’s struggling period, he worked as a store attendant in some jewelry stores. Opal went to the same store to buy some jewelry where this love bird first met. The couple became fascinated by each other during their first meeting and talking in the store. Ron and Opal eventually started going out, and we’re in a relationship for two years until their marriage on Valentine’s Day.

Are Opal and Ron Still Together?

The couple separated in May 2019 after living together for 38 years. Later Ron legally filed for a divorce in November 2019. There is news that their divorce is due to Ron’s extramarital affair with actress Allison Dunbar.

Opal Perlman
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