PDF documents can be quite large, especially if they contain several images and non-standard fonts. Since PDFs are opened on all devices, the document must appear the same no matter where the recipient opens the document. That’s one of the reasons why people consider decreasing the size of the PDF file without compromising the file’s quality. There are other reasons why you may need to reduce the size of your PDF file, such as:

  • Compressing PDFs enable you to decrease their file size and pave the way for their fuss-free email transmission. 
  • Smaller PDF files facilitate faster downloads. 
  • By compressing PDFs using a lossless compression algorithm, you will maintain the quality of the files while enhancing their shareability. The files can even be transferred from one mobile device to another. 
  • Smaller files won’t take up much storage space on your device or cloud. 

So, if you want to share PDFs with your colleagues or friends, it is an essential skill to learn how to adjust the file size. Read along to learn a few methods that can help you quickly reduce the size of the files without impacting their quality. 


Use a PDF compression tool 

Several PDF compression tools are specifically designed to help you reduce the file size without compromising the quality. Some of them are explained below. 

  • Adobe Acrobat PDF Optimizer tool – The tool can help you compress the size of your PDF files in several ways. For instance, you can change the color formatting to reduce the file size. Open your PDF file in Acrobat Pro > select Tools > choose Print Production > select Convert Colors and choose the RGB color space > select the pages of the PDF you wish to modify > select OK and wait for a few seconds to let the file convert. Also, you can try deleting a few components that aren’t needed in the PDF. For this, go to Tools > select Advanced Optimization > select PDF Optimizer > choose Audit Space Usage. You can also choose to save the file as a Reduced Size PDF. If you are unsure, you can go to the developer’s website and look at the video tutorial. 
  • PDF Squeezer – If you seek a simple application that will let you quickly compress PDFs, you can turn to PDF Squeezer. The app is specifically created to compress large files without affecting their quality. The app even allows you to compress files in folders and sub-folders. 

Reduce the size of the file when you save it in Microsoft Word 

Have you drafted your document in Microsoft Word? If so, you can quickly convert your document to PDF by clicking on the Save As option. When this option is chosen, you will produce a small file. However, the size of the file depends on the number of pictures you have used in your document. 


If you think the file size is too large after choosing this option, there are more options to try out. First, you need to open the Word document you wish to convert to PDF and click on the File button. Then, choose the Save As option. As you click this option, you’ll see a drop-down menu, and you need to choose PDF from the options. Next, you have to save the file by entering a file name of your choice. Then, you need to take one extra step. You have to click Optimize for and choose Minimum size (publishing online). 

The size of your file will be reduced, and it will be made available for publishing online. 

Wherever possible, you need to avoid scanning PDF files 

Most people believe that it is necessary to print everything and scan it when creating PDFs or combining multiple documents to exhibit them into a large PDF. Generally, electronically converted files are smaller in size than scanned copies. 

If the documents exist in paper form, you can scan them. You can electronically convert all other documents from the original file and save them as PDFs. Even apps are available as Adobe Acrobat, to help you combine all the files quickly, so you don’t need to print anything out. 

Convert your PDFs into a ZIP file 

One of the easiest methods to reduce the size of your PDFs is converting them into a ZIP file. The files will be compressed, and it is typically a lossless conversion. First, you need to open File Explorer and find the PDF you wish to compress. Then, right-click on the file, choose to Send to, and select the Compressed (zipped) folder option. 

You can send several large documents to the same person by converting your PDF files using this method. You can even save large files together to save space on your device. 


These are some of the popular methods to compress PDFs and make them easily shareable across platforms and devices. 

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