Rufus Sewell is a popular and well-known movie actor, producer, and stage actor. He was born Rufus Frederik Sewell in a small southern village in Twickenham, England. He is one of the promising actors and has many contributions to the England Film society.

Starting his career in 1991, Sewell has acted on many popular movies. He started working in a small theater in England just to give wings to his dream to become an actor. He was so much interested in Rock music, Punk music, and arts from his early age. Rufus Sewell has done many commercials as well. He is best known for portraying psychopathic, both antagonist& protagonist characters in the movie. He is famous for his acting in the movies like The Legend of Zorro, A Knight’s Tale, Helen of Troy, Dark city, and many more. Let’s get to know more about Rufus Sewell.

Rufus Sewell
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Early Life

Rufus Frederik Sewell was born on 29 October 1967, in a small village in Twickenham, England. He was born to William John Frederick Sewell and Jo Sewell. His father, William John Frederick, was a professional graphics designer and animator, and her mother, Jo Sewell, was a waitress and a piano teacher. His father has even designs for The Beatles album cover. Frederick had a rough childhood.

He is the eldest son of his parents and there were a lot of Quarrels between his father and mother. Sadly, his father and mother divorced when he was just five years old. Remembering his childhood, he describes it as somewhat rough. His heart broke when there was no one to support the family, his mother even worked in a pub and sell vegetables. His father died when he was ten years old. Besides father and mother, Rufus had a kid brother, Casper Sewell. Rufus’s dream was to be a famous actor as a child, which he is now.


As a child, Sewell did his formal education at Trafalgar Junior School. While his stay at that school, he was also a member of the Drama Club. Rufus learned great things about dramas from that school. He even acted on some occasions and has won many prizes and gifts. Sewell graduated from Trafagler Junior School in the year 1987. He then studied at Orleans park College for a short period and transfer to West Thames College. Rufus never stopped performing. At Thames college, he performed Drama on one occasion. His chemistry teacher was so dazzling with him that made the teacher sent Rufus to a Drama School. Sewell studied Arts and drama in the Central school of speech and drama in London with the help of his teacher.


This talented actor belongs to British Nationality. His mother was from welsh and his father was a native British. Rufus has a mixed ethnicity of Welsh and English.

Rufus Sewell
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Rufus had many experiences in drama but the real encounter began when his agent, Judi dench cast him in a play. He gets to learn many things. In the year 1991, he took his first step in film. He debuts in the movie name Twenty- one in the role of Bobby. He was portraying  Tim in the movie named Dirty weekend. His act was so crude that made the Dirty weekend’s director cast him in another movie named “A man with no importance.” From the year 1995-2005, Rufus has acted on more than thirteen films including Carringtonas Mark Gertler, Hamlet as Fortinbras, Victory as Martin Ricardo, The very Thought of You as Frank, Illuminata as Dominique, At sachem Farm as Ross, Martha, Meet Frank, Daniel and Laurence as Frank, Bless the kid as Eric starks, and many more.

The best Movie of his career is A knight’s Tale. he acted along with popular actors such as Mark Eddy, Heath Ledger, Alan Tudky and many more. Throughout his entire life, Rufus has acted on more than thirty-seven movies. Some of his popular work includes The Illusionist, Paris, Amazing Grace, The Holiday, Downloading Nancy, Vinyan, The Tourist, Hotel Noir, Blinky Bill the Movie and many more. His latest movie is old(2021). Sewell has acted with actors like Jeremy Swift, Albert Diiny, Benedict Cumberbatch, Bill Paterson, and many more.

TV Series

Rufus debut on TV series named Gone to seed in 1992. He can be seen as Billy in the  6 episodes of that series. Later from 1992-1994, he did another project called Screen Two where he is seen only on Two Episodes as Mike Coosatain Clive. Later in 1994, we can see him in Middlemarch. Sewell has done acting on popular series such as Citizen Locke, Cold Comfort Farm, Performance, Arabian Nights, she Creature, Helen of Troy, The Last King, Taste, Shakespeare Told, John Adams, and many more.

Rufus Sewell
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Awards and Nominations

Rufus swell is nominated for more than ten prestigious awards including the Primetime Emmy. He is nominated for BAFTA Award for Best Actor, Critics’ Choice TV Award for Best Supporting Actor in Drama series, and more. He has won Evening Standard Theater Award for Best Actor in a Play, and  Laurence Oliver Award for best actor,


 He married the Polish model, Yasmin Abdallah in the year 1999. The couple then separated in the year 2000. Rufus then married Amy Gardner in the year 2004 and they divorce in the year 2006. Rufus has two children altogether, one with Yasmin and one with Amy.

Net worth

With his career in movies and TV series, the total net worth of this popular actor is $7 million according to January 2021.