Helen McCrory

Helen McCrory is a former English actress who had vigorously worked in the entertainment field since 1990. She had enacted in various genres of movies, series, and stage plays. This actress initially started her acting career as a stage artist in Harrogate Theatre. Likewise, she eventually landed roles in television series and films in 1993 […]

Bill Nighy

Bill Nighy is famous for portraying different characters in movies, series, and theatre plays. This actor has worked in the entertainment field from 1976 to date. He is well-known for his portrayal in the romantic comedy film ‘Love Actually’ in 2003 and fantasy film ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ film series as Davy Jones. Apart from […]

David Thewlis

David Thewlis is an English actor, director, screenwriter, and author who has been associated with the entertainment field since 1985. He is one of the Hollywood film industry’s versatile actors in various films and series. This actor is famous and best known for his portrayal of Remus Lupin in the Harry Potter film series. Apart […]