Things to know about Zendaya

An American actress and singer, Zendaya was born on September 1, 1996, in Oakland, California, US. Beginning career form a very young age as a child model and backup dancer, she gained a breakthrough after her role as Rocky Blue on the Disney channel’s “Shake It Up” from 2010 to 2013. Moreover, in 2013, she was a contestant in the competition series “Dancing With the Stars”. Furthermore, she is famous for her roles in the HBO drama series “Euphoria”, films like “The Greatest Showman”, “Spider-Man: Homecoming”, and “Spider-Man: Far from Home”.


Things to know about Zendaya:

  1. Her First Acting Role Was Spooky

As per her interview, her first acting role was in the theatre world. She hots her thespian start in William Shakespeare’s tragedy, Macbeth, as one of the witches.

  1. She enjoys replying to her fans online

Despite the busy schedule, she keeps her social media active, sometimes even talking to her fans.

  1. Zendaya’s mom worked in theater before

Zendaya followed her mother’s footsteps. Even though her mother was a teacher, her second job was at the California Shakespeare Theatre. Zendaya often used to go with her mom and fascinated with the theater arts.

  1. She was just 12 when she starred in Shake It Up

Zendaya is most famous for her screen credit in the Disney Channel show Shake It Up, apart from her show like “The Greatest Showman’ and Spiderman”. She was just 14 when the show premiered and was just 12 for the audition.

  1. Zendaya was bullied during her school

Zendaya had to face a lot of teasing in school. Also, she faced fair bullying, even though she was confident enough for herself.


  1. She is a huge fan of Beyonce

Who is not?

  1. She is a women’s rights advocate

She involved in the women’s march in January 2017.

  1. Her look of 2015 Oscars inspired the creation of the Barbie doll

Also, it became the topic of conversation that led to Giuliana Rancic being sacked from E!’s Fashion Police.

  1. She launched her app in 2016

Subscribers are accessible to her exclusive videos, and makeup tutorials, and more content from the young star.

  1. She released an album in 2013 named Zendaya

Also, she published her book in the same year.


  1. She used to be shy

Zendaya’s mother revealed that Zendaya used to be shy due to which she had to do kindergarten twice. She would sit in the circle with other children and be quite.

  1. Zendaya often does her makeup

Zendaya often enjoys doing her makeup, and even her hair, for her red carpet appearances. She is good at this.