Fiber Optic Internet

We all remember those dial-up connection days when we used to wait for literally hours to download a single song on our PCs. Thankfully, we have come a long way since then and now those days are way behind us. Technology has blessed us with so much ease that now we can access things at the speed of light. A huge credit for this goes out to fiber optic internet connection. The proper way to define this type of connection in one word would most definitely be ‘futuristic’. Because while using it, you do feel like you are transported to something that could only happen in the future. 

We know, due to the buzz lately, you have certainly been thinking about the advantages of this internet connection and we are here to guide you through it. So, keep reading this article because we are going to enlighten you as to how fiber optic internet connection can benefit you in various ways. 

How to Find Fiber Optic Internet Providers? 

Before we jump into the list, it is necessary to first mention that luckily there is a handful of fiber optic internet providers delivering their services in the major parts of the country. For instance, there is a pretty good chance that Windstream would be available in your city since it offers its services in almost 18 states. This fiber optic internet provider offers you super fast speed. This means you can enjoy all the things we are going to talk about in this article. 

Fiber Optic Internet

If you are a Spanish speaker and you want to avoid any kind of language barrier while contacting its customer support, then visit Windstream español and get all your concerns and queries answered within a span of a few moments. You can also ask them if the company is serviceable in your area or not. 

Or you can go over to, enter your zip code in the bar and get a list of all the providers in your area. This way, you will easily find yourself a good fiber optic internet connection.  With that being sorted, let’s jump right into the list of top advantages of fiber optic internet connection. 

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No Throttling 

One of the biggest advantages of a fiber optic internet connection is that it involves absolutely no throttling. Okay, we realize that the term might be new for some. So, we are going to break it down for you. Have you ever noticed that during certain times of the day. Or perhaps as you come near to the end of the month, your internet connection begins to act up? You start to experience a significantly slowed connection that makes simple surfing extremely difficult. 

This is what happens when your ISP deliberately lowers your cable speed. The reason could be that they are trying to prevent outages or overload but nonetheless, you have to suffer through a lousy connection. Not anymore because with a fiber internet connection, you can enjoy unlimited data and bandwidth. 

Fiber Optic Internet

Symmetrical Speed for Upload and Download 

Do you frequently experience uneven speed? As in you can download a particular file within seconds but it takes you several minutes to upload it? That is what asymmetrical speed does. Cables, DSL, and dial-up connections mostly do this but fiber optic internet connection delivers its customers’ symmetrical speed. 

Understandably, most of our online activities involve more downloading than uploading. Hence, most of the providers include more downloading speed in their plans and packages and a relatively less upload speed. 

Heavy Streaming of Online Games

At lightning-fast speed, you can do literally anything and that means you can play online video games without facing any technical issues such as buffering, glitches and interruptions. There is no denying that the speed you get from a fiber optic internet connection is a holy grail of gaming connections. The more speed you have, the smoother your experience will be.

A small reduction in speed can end up killing you in your game. You can go back to square one only because your connection started betraying you. No matter how good your muscle memory or reaction time is, in the world of online video games, the speed of an internet connection matters the most. 

Fiber Optic Internet


One of the biggest challenges consumers of cable internet face is the possibility of insecure connection. Multiple dangers could be lurking in those wires. This is predominantly because copper cables make interceptions quite easy, which means, you are more vulnerable to threats. Said interceptions are performed by connecting taps to a line so that it could pick up the electronic signals. 

The good thing is, that all of this becomes near impossible when it comes to fiber optic internet connection. This is why it is way more reliable and secure than cable internet, which could be hacked and intercepted pretty easily. 

To Sum Up 

The world is progressing increasingly and so are telecom companies. Internet service providers now understand the main concerns and demands of the average consumer. Moreover, they know that a regular connection is not sufficient for them to carry out most of their online activities. 

On the other hand, a fiber optic internet connection provides you with multiple advantages, making it a preferred choice of most consumers. 

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