Pierson Wodzynski

Pierson Wodzynski is main famous as an American TikToker. As well as, And also she is known as a Social media sensation as well as for being a YouTuber. According to different aspects, every celebrity has got to the limelight. Likewise, Pierson Wodzynski is famous for her lip-sync and dancing videos on her official TikTok […]

Ottavia Busia

Ottavia Busia is an Italian-born MMA fighter. As well as she also has versatile in nature as a kickboxer as well as an actor . Likewise, she also use to practice jiu-jitsu style. She is known as the former ex-wife of popular American chef Anthony Bourdain. Anthony is a popular Chef and Television personality and […]

Lidya Jewett

Lidya Jewett is an American actress originally from Ethiopia and is known for her appearances in Black Panther. If you have watched the marvel Black Panther movie, then I am sure you are familiar with her appearances in the movies. Lidya is a young, energetic actress who started her career in the acting and cinema […]

Freddy Harteis

Freddy Harteis is a popular American actor who is also famous for many more personalities. Likewise, he is famous as a producer and TV host as well as a social media personality. He also use to work as a  former husband of popular TV host and stylist Jeannie Mai. Freddy is mainly famous for his […]

Aaron Burriss

Aaron Burriss is an American YouTuber, actor, model, and social media influencer. He came into the limelight after he started uploading Vlogs on his YouTube channel, which rapidly increased viewers and subscribers on his channel. Similarly, he has collaborated with many YouTubers. He uploaded his first YouTube video on March 30th, 2013, and since then, […]