Wrestlers who deserve over 90 in WWE

WWE 2K20 will be releasing soon, and a proper revelation of the rosters aired on August 5. In WWE 2K20, most gamers are looking forward to the small, elite list of overpowered characters. In last year’s season 2K19, The Rock and Brock Lesnar were the most overpowered character, who both got the rating of 93, and were closely followed by John Cena, Roman Reigns, and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

This year, the following wrestlers would be overpowered:

  1. The Undertaker in WWE

The Undertaker since the 90s has been one of the big names in wrestling. The legend in the ring has been past his prime, which was visible in the match with the opponent Goldberg. In the past few years, he has wrestled less. However, he is a firm fan favorite and is also an incredibly powerful wrestler.

  1. The Rock


The Rock didn’t make an appearance during the big Raw Reunion episode, which made his fans guess that he is done with the wrestling so that he could give his time for the acting career. However, he is arguably the powerful wrestler of the past decade.


  1. Goldberg in WWE

The biggest star of WCW, Goldberg has the high stock that he even was called up to star in a few films. He has an impressive 90 overall rating in 2K19, and fans are having a similar expectation for the season 2K20.

  1. Sting in WWE

Though not recognizable among today’s young wrestling fans, Sting remains a WCW legend. Sting still has a contract to the WWE under the Legends contract, and there is a high chance of him in-season 2K20.

  1. Charlotte Fair

A second-generation pro-wrestler, Charlotte Fair has been a prominent part of WWE’s Women’s Division. She has gained many of the titles by Ric Flair. Also, she has been a part of numerous major milestones for women’s wrestling. There is a probability that she will be featuring in 2K20.

  1. Triple H


Triple H has constantly featured in the WWE, whose overall rating has consistently remained high. Though he comes up as a businessman on TV recently, there is a probability that his rating will grow higher.

  1. AJ Styles in WWE


AJ Styles was not only the cover star in season 2K19, but he was also the high-rated star, with the overall rating of 91. Though he gave his title to Daniel Bryan and didn’t feature in main matches, he is still a good wrestler.

  1. Brock Lesnar in WWE

One of the most overpowered stars, he has beaten many champions like John Cena, The Undertaker, Braun Strowman, and many more. He is the ultimate fighter, and he might also be the high rated star in the game.