Arielle Kebbel is a talented and prominent model and actress. She is also known as Arielle Caroline Kebbel. Kebbel was born in Winter Park, Florida, United States of America. She was born to Sheri Kebbel. Her father’s name is unknown and is under review. By the way, she was also a contestant at the Miss Florida Teen, USA Beauty Pageant.

She is very famous for her incredible and applaudable acting in Television series such as Gilmore Girls(2003-2004), Life Unexpeced(2010), Midnight Texas(2017-2018), and for her performance in movies like The Grudge 2(2006), Forever Strong(2008), Think Like a Man(2012) and Fifty Shades Freed(2018). Besides acting and modeling, she is an active socialist, and she donates most of her money to different charities.

Arielle Kebbel
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How old is Arielle Kebbel?

Arielle Caroline Kebbel, also Ariella Caroline was born on February 19, 1985, in a southern part of Winterpark, Florida, United States of America. She was born to Sheri Kebbel. Her father’s name is not available in any magazine due to some reasons. Her mother, Sheri, owns her own production company, and she was also a talent manager. Arielle, with her family, moved to Los Angeles, California when at her early age. Hence, Arielle Kebbel is 39 years old.

 She has one brother and one sister as her siblings. Actually, Ariella was the youngest of the children to her parents. Her sister’s name is Julia Kebbel and her brother’s name is Christian Hebbel. Christian Kebbel is a teacher and her sister, Julia is a Therapist. Her grandfather, William R. Kebbell was a migrant from Poland. her mother was actually from German and migrated to the US in the late 40s.

What are the Nationality and Ethnicity of Arielle Kebbel?

Talking about nationality and ethnicity, nationality refers to citizenship in a particular nation, whereas ethnicity is a categorization based on languages or common ancestry. Ariella Kebbel is of American nationality, and she has mixed ethnicity. Her ethnicity includes 87.5% German, 6.25% Austrian/Czech, and 6.23% English.

How tall is Arielle Kebbel?

It is evident that Arielle is a model for a certain reason and the reason is due to her beauty and descent heights. She is an established model in the Modeling field with a total height of 5 feet and 8 inches i.e. Arielle Kebbelis 5.8 feet tall. Also, this beautiful model weighs 59 kg. She loves to eat fruit and maintain her diet. In an interview, she has shown her pinky finger. Her pinky finger is kinda weird. This talented and hard-working model’s zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Where did Arielle Kebbel receive her Education from?

Kebbel attended Crenshaw school at her early age. She was a talented and active kid in every sector. Also, she was the topper of the class. Arielle never completed her higher study. After she graduated from school, she started her career in Modeling. Moreover, after moving to Los Angeles, she started studying acting. 

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How is the career of Arielle Kebbel?


After moving to Los Angeles, Arielle Kebbel auditioned for many modeling Agencies. She got a call from the agency for her role in The Gilmour Girls. Arielle made her debut in the film in the year 2004. Her first debut movie was Soul plane. This was her first movie and she acted on it like a professional Actress. This movie was a Hip-Hop comedy and the cast in this movie are famous actors like Kevin Hart, Tom Arnold, and the Rapper Snoop Dogg. Kebbel can be seen in five movies in the year 2001. This year was her big Breakthrough. Arielle Kebbel acted on popular movies like The kid & I as Arielle herself, American Pie Presents: Band Camp as Elyse Houston, Dirty Deeds as Alison, Reeker as Cookie, and Be coll as Robin

She came to fame after acting in 2006’s movies such as Outlaw trail: The treasure of Butch Cassidy, The Grudge 2, John Tucker Must Die, Aquamarine, and The Bros.The Grudge 2 is one of her most sold Movies. Between 2007-2018, she has done several prestigious and hit movies such as Forever strong, Freakdog, The Uninvited, Brooklyn to Manhattan, Vampire suck, Answer This, I met with You, The Brooklyn Brothers Beat the Best, Mardi Gras: Spring Break, Supporting Characters, Think Like a Man, Fifty shades Freed and Another Time. she has stated that she has fun with the Football wives Team. some of the cast were kale Sanchez, Lucy Lawless, Brian J. White, and many more.

We can see her in the role of Kimberly in the movie “After we Fall” in 2021.

Television Series

No wonder, Arielle Kebbel is a talented Actress. She debuted as Right Teen in CSI: Crime scene investigation in the Episode “Forever”. Later, we can see her as Paige Lange in the episode “The Long Goodbye” in the TV series Judging Amy. Her famous acting was on the Tv series named Law & order special Victims Unit in the Episode “Mean”. There was no such thing that could have block Arielle from getting what she wanted. She acted on another popular TV series named Gilmore Girls.

Gilmore Girls is the TV Series that made her so popular.

Accordingly, she has acted on different popular series such as Entourage, Grounded for Life, CSI: Miami, Clubhouse, shark, Football Wives, No Heroics, The Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Good Vibes, A Bride for Christmas, 90210, perfect Score, Instant Mom, Sweet surrender, The After, Bridal wave and many more.

Musical Videos

We can see Arielle Kebble on the music video “Don’t Go Away” by Buckcherry in the role of Girlfriend.

Arielle Kebbel
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What is the relationship status of Arielle Kebbel?

Ariella kebbe has been in several relationships. She dated Brahman Turner from the year 2006-2007. After that, she has dated the popular actor Kevin Connolly from 2010. However,  Ariella Kebbel is currently in a relationship with Aaron Bay-Schuck.

What are the Social Media handles ofArielle Kebbel?

Every celebrity handles their social media presence to  be updated for their fans . That’s why Arielle Kebbel  is active on social media platforms. Arielle is on Facebook with 778k followers, Instagram with 706k followers, and on Twitter with 236.6k followers.

What is the net worth of Arielle Kebbel?

Besides acting, she is also a model. Arielle is suitable for many magazines. She also has partnerships with brands like Mardi Gras and Nicollete Perfumes & Lipsticks. Kebbel hasn’t won any awards yet, but she has been nominated for the Teen Choice Award for the movie The Grudge 2. Arielle’s net worth is $3 million, according to January 2021.