Jodi Arias

Jodi Arias is an American citizen declared guilty for the murder of her thirty-year-old ex-boyfriend named Travis Alexander. In 2006, Jodi and her boyfriend, Alexander, moved to Mesa, Arizona, and dated before splitting and returning to California. Even after the breakup, these two were in touch and having sexual encounters. In June 2008, she killed […]

Estelle Getty

Estelle Getty was a famous American actress and comedian who have contributed a lot to the entertainment industry. She is well-known for the American sitcom named ‘The Golden Girls,’ where she played the role of Sophia Petrillo. Initially, she worked as a waitress in Catskills borscht bell resorts and theatre artist in Yiddish theatre. She […]

Melanie Martinez

Melanie Adele Martinez is an American singer, songwriter, actress, director, photographer, and screenwriter. She rose her stardom after appearing as a contestant on the American reality show named The Voice. Moreover, she is known to be one of the most successful products of the reality show. Her debut single, “Dollhouse,” is her highest-rated single until […]

Maggie Q

Maggie Q is an American actress, film producer, and activist who has been active in this entertainment field since 1998. Starting her career from modeling, she eventually stepped into stage acting, TV series, and movies. Though she wanted to become a veterinary scientist from an early age, she could not come up with the required […]