Late Claire Trevor was an American actress, born on March 8, 1910, in Brooklyn, New York, United States. She was born as the only child of father Noel Wemlinger, a French-born and German ancestry, his wife Benjamina, Irish ancestry Mr. Wemlinger and a Fifth Avenue merchant tailor.

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Where did Claire Trevor begin her career?

Claire started her career in her teenage. After graduating from high school, she learned about acting for over six months at Columbia University and again at the “American Academy of Dramatic Arts” for six months. She first debuted on the stage in 1929 in the summer with a repertory company in Ann Arbor, Michigan. After appearing in several Brooklyn filmed Vitaphone short films and summer stock theatre, she returned to New York. First, she appeared on Broadway as the female lead role in “Whistling in the Dark.” Then, as a debut in a movie, she was seen in “Life in the Raw.”

Acting for more than seven decades, including successes in the radio, television, stages, and films, she has conceived more popularity. Trevor has appeared in over 29 films from 1933 to 1938, often playing the lead role of an actress. Later in 1937, she acted as the second lead actress in “Dead End,” along with Humphrey Bogart, which took her to the nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

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Claire Trevor was seen alongside Edward G. Robinson from 1937 to 1940 in “Big Town,” a popular radio series, while making movies. Also, in 1940, she was on “The Old Gold Don Ameche Show” on the NBC Red Radio Network, along with Ameche in the presentation of plays by Mark Hellinger. She did numerous performances that made her a memorable solid leading lady, including the western “Stagecoach.” She then earned her third and final Oscar nomination for her performance in “The High and the Mighty.”

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Furthermore, Trevor flying into the height, Trevor, for the role of Gaye Dawn in “Key Largo,” won an Oscar award. Eventually, in 1957, Trevor, for her performance in the Producers’ Showcase episode “Dodsworth,” won an Emmy Award. after that, Trevor made her rare appearance in the TV series and films the 60s and 70s. Her last appearance in the TV role was in the film “Norman Rockwell’s Breaking Home Ties” in 1987. She made her guest appearance in 1998 at the 70th Academy Awards and remained out of the spotlight after that.

What is the Net Worth of Claire Trevor?

Doing success in her career, Trevor has earned popularity. Along with fame, she also earned a good amount of money. She has worked on over 60 films for over six decades-long actings. Her net worth is though not revealed at the time of her death. However, it must have to be in $millions.

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Who is Claire Trevor’s husband?

Talking about her personal life, Trevor married thrice; first, she married Clark Andrews in 1938, a radio show director. After being in a marital life for four years, the couple separated in 1942. Later, she tied a knot to Navy lieutenant Cyclos Willliam Dunsmore and gave it to her child.

After being in a five-year-long conjugal relationship, she divorced him. Trevor’s got into a third marriage with a film producer, Milton Bren, and moved to Newport Beach, California, after the wedding. Claire Trevor, on April 8, 2000, at the age of 90, died in Newport Beach.