James Edmund Caan, better known as James Cann, is a well-known American actor and director. He is one of the oldest actors in the Hollywood industry who has contributed sixty years of his life to the entertainment industry. Likewise, this actor has also been honored with the prestigious accolade, i.e., Hollywood Walk of Fame.

He is known for acting in ‘El Dorado’ and ‘The Rain People’ in the 1960s, ‘Brian’s Song’ and ‘Bridge Too Far’ in the 1970s, ‘Bottle Rocket’ and ‘Eraser’ in the 1990s, and many more. Moreover, he is also notable for acting in the sitcom ‘Las Vegas’ where he played Big Ed Deline.

Furthermore, James also has an exciting love life. He has romantically been involved with different actresses. As a result, his audiences also show significant interest in knowing James Caan spouse, marriage, and love life. So let’s get to learn more about it.

James Caan
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James Caan Spouse

Talking about James’ personal life, he has married and divorced four times. His first marriage happened with Dee Jay Mathis in 1961. They also parent a daughter named Tara Cann, born in 1964. Sadly, his first marriage ended in 1966.

Likewise, James then married Sheila Marie Ryan in 1976. James and Sheila gave birth to a son named Scott Andrew Caan. Scott was born on August 23, 1976. He is a well-known actor, writer, director, photographer, and rapper. Moreover, Scott is famous for his role in the television series ‘Hawaii Five-0.’ Sadly, this couple also divorced after one year of marriage in 1977.

James Caan
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After two failed marriages, he again tied a knot with Ingrid Hajek in September 1990. However, they also parted ways in March 1994 after living together for four years.  James and Ingrid were blessed with a son named Alexander James Caan, born in 1991.

James Fourth Marriage

Furthermore, James again married Linda Stokes on October 7, 1995. This couple has two children together. Their first son James Arthur Caan was born in 1995, and their second son, Jacob Nicholas Caan, was born in 1998. James was 55 years old when he shared his vows with Linda. Unfortunately, this couple also separated in 2017 after 22 years of marriage. During this time, James was 77 years old.

James Caan
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