Yewande Biala

Yewande Biala, a TV personality and a scientist, a 24 years old girl, was born on October 26, 1994, in Dublin, Ireland. She is born with the birth sign Scorpio. Yewande attended her university at the age of 16. According to Linkedin, she got her first undergraduate degree at the Athlone Institute of Technology in Biotechnology (BSC) in 2016. Then she enrolled in her masters which she graduated from with a 2:1 last year in Pharmaceutical quality assurance and Regulation.

yewande biala


Yewande, being in the show “Love Island” in the season of 2019, has gained extreme popularity overnight. The show consists of 12 singles looking to mingle, and was narrated by Iain Stirling. The Irish Scientist describes herself as a frank, funny and caring person. From her interviews,  she is the type of person who likes to talk too much which makes her get in fire. In the show, the scientist girl was the fifth and final girl to get into the villa. There she chose Joe, but instead, Joe chose Luce and she ended up with Michael, who was original with Lucie.

yewande biala

Also, she was hoping that Curtis Prichard would pick her up, but instead he went for Amy. Later, she got swept off her feet by a new boy Danny Williams as he chooses her to go on a date. Though Danny’s head was turned up by Molly Mae, he said to Yewande that he has clicked with her then nobody else. Also, Yewande had a feeling that Danny was the only boy in the villa that she fancies. Though there is a chance to be in love with Danny, it can be scuppered by Molly Mae, as Tommy Fluid was told by the male model that he would get to know the social media influencer.

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Yewande Biala became excitement after hearing that Danny wants to know her more moving forward. Later, Yawande in episode 11, backed up in Amy’s claims that Lucie had moved away from the girls who wanted to be with Joe telling the surfer that she wanted to be closer with her again. Also, by kissing Danny, she took things to the next level. The duo went strength by strength after the model picked her to couple up during Sunday night’s recoupling. By episode 14, she admitted to having doubts about the connection with Danny.

yewande biala

Therefore, she went to share her feelings with Danny. Danny tried his best to make her believe that it was a real feeling. In episode 15, Danny shared his concern about the things were moving. However, Danny’s feelings came out by a new girl Arabella. Yewande upped her game to get back to him. Arbella told Yewande that they are having a connection. Danny, in the other episode, confronted that he would continue getting to know the girls more before making any decisions. The scientist felt devasted in episode 19, as a recoupling took place where Danny picked up Arbella over Yewande, and she had to leave the villa.

After the villa, Yewande in an interview described herself in the house as a rollercoaster emotion. She got to learn more about herself. Also, she shared that she was close to Anna and Amber and will remain outside. Yewande believes that everything happens for a certain reason, so she has no regret in any decisions.