Agnes Usagi Diego, better known as Akidearest, is a popular Filipino-American-based YouTuber. She has worked in the entertainment industry since 2014 as a YouTube and social media personality. Moreover, Akidearest is also a cosplayer who inspires many anime lovers. She also receives admiration for her work from her loved ones.

This YouTube star has spent more than five years of her life in this show business field. Following this, Akidearest has gained immense popularity. Along with fame, she has also earned a handsome amount of money from her professional career. So let’s learn the insides about Akidearest net worth and her earnings.

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Akidearest Net Worth

This popular influencer is a famous social media star and a YouTuber. Through this platform, she has earned a good amount of money that adds to her fortune. She has an estimated net worth of $1 million as of 2021. If her popularity and content remain the same and interesting, there is no doubt that in the upcoming future, she’ll be paid even more.

Akidearest Earns From Her YouTube Channel

An average salary of a YouTuber is $4,400 monthly and $52,806 annually. Likewise, the top earners from YouTube are $6,833 monthly and $82,000 annually. Talking about Aki, she created her YouTube channel on 26 December 2014 and is one of the most-viewed creators on YouTube.

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She has a total of 2.88 million subscribers, and her total views as of August 2021 are 437,377,895 views. Earning good following subscribers and huge views has led her to earn a good amount of money from her YouTube career. It is estimated that she earns a whopping amount of $312.77 thousand per year as a YouTuber.

Aki Also Makes Money From Brand Deals

Apart from her YouTube career, she also makes money from brand deals, promotions, and sponsorships. Akidearest has also endorsed different brands like Sentai Filmworks. The average amount of money that she charged in sponsorship is about $700 to $1000. Moreover, she also has her own mechanism where she sells custom-made T-shirts, hoodies, accessories. This is yet another source of income for Akidearest.

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