Arizona State Sun Devils Football

The Arizona State Sun Devils are the Arizona State University representatives in the sport of American football. Further, the Sun Devils team competes in the South Division of the Pac-12 Conference (Pac-12). In addition, it also competes in the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). Fielded by the Arizona State University since 1897, the Sun Devils play their home games at Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, Arizona. On the other hand, they are currently led by head coach Herm Edwards. The Sun Devils are also the winners of seventeen conference titles, including three Pac-12 titles.

Arizona State Football

Above all, Arizona State University is the home to a number of successful and professional football players. ASU’s football program also has had several notable head coaches along with some notable football players.

Moreover, the University of Arizona is Arizona State’s longest and most intense rivals. Furthermore, the Duel in the Desert is the nickname for the football game between the schools. In conclusion, the winner of the game is the recipient of the Territorial Cup.



  1. 1897–1906: Frederick M. Irish
  2. 1914–1916: George Schaeffer
  3. 1919: George E. Cooper
  4. 1922: Ernest C. Wills
  5. 1923–1929: Aaron McCreary
  6. 1930–1932: Ted Shipley
  7. 1933–1937: Rudy Lavik
  8. 1938–1941: Dixie Howell
  9. 1942: Hilman Walker
  10. 1946: Steve Coutchie
  11. 1947–1950: Ed Doherty
  12. 1951: Larry Siemering
  13. 1952–1954: Clyde Smith
  14. 1955–1957: Dan Devine
  15. 1958–1979: Frank Kush
  16. 1979: Bob Owens
  17. 1980–1984: Darryl Rogers
  18. 1985–1987: John Cooper
  19. 1988–1991: Larry Marmie
  20. 1992–2000: Bruce Snyder
  21. 2001–2006: Dirk Koetter
  22. 2007–2011: Dennis Erickson
  23. 2012–2017: Todd Graham
  24. 2018–present: Herm Edwards

Arizona State Football

Some of the notable players of the Arizona State Sun Devils Football

  • Junior Ah You – Retired CFL Hall of Fame Defensive end
  • Eric Allen – Retired NFL Cornerback
  • Ron Brown – Retired NFL Wide receiver
  • Aaron Cox – Retired NFL Wide receiver
  • Curley Culp – Retired NFL Defensive tackle
  • Ken Dyer – AFL and NFL player
  • George Flint – Retired AFL Guard
  • David Fulcher – Retired NFL Defensive back
  • Mark Gastineau – Retired NFL Defensive end
  • John F. Goodman – the Retired United States Marine Corps Lieutenant General who was also a former NFL Quarterback


Arizona State Football

  • Larry Gordon – Retired NFL Linebacker
  • Bruce Hardy – Retired NFL Tight end
  • John Henry Johnson – Retired, Hall of Fame Running back, formerly, best known for being a part of the “Million Dollar Backfield”
  • Bernard Henry – Retired NFL Wide receiver
  • Jim Jeffcoat – Retired NFL Defensive tackle
  • John Jefferson – Retired NFL Wide receiver
  • Paul Justin – Retired NFL Quarterback
  • Kyle Kingsbury – former Defensive tackle, however, currently a Mixed Martial Artist under contract as a light heavyweight in the Ultimate Fighting Championship
  • Art Malone – Retired NFL Running back
  • Benny Malone – Retired NFL Running back
  • Mark Malone – Retired NFL Quarterback
  • Isaiah Mustafa – former NFL Wide receiver, formerly, best known for his appearance on Ugly Betty and the Old Spice Advertisements
  • Mike Pagel – Retired NFL Quarterback
  • Jake Plummer – Retired NFL Quarterback
  • J.R. Redmond – Retired NFL Running back
  • Mike Richardson – Retired NFL Safety
  • Gerald Riggs – Retired NFL Running back
  • Derrick Rodgers – Retired NFL Linebacker
  • Marvel Smith – Retired NFL Offensive lineman
  • Phillipi Sparks – Retired NFL Defensive back
  • Jeremy Staat – the former NFL Defensive lineman, however, currently serving in the Iraq War
  • Shawn Swayda – former NFL Defensive end
  • Pat Tillman – former NFL Safety, killed by Friendly fire while serving in Operation Enduring Freedom
  • Jeff Van Raaphorst – Retired NFL Quarterback
  • Danny White – Retired NFL Quarterback
  • Darren Woodson – Retired NFL Safety