Who is Bernie Sanders?

Bernie Sanders is a professional American politician. He was a former junior United States senator from Vermont. He was once a contender for the 2016 presidential election but did not receive victory. Currently, he is one of the contenders for the 2020 presidential election.

Bernie Sanders

Furthermore, Sanders opposes economic inequality and is well known for that. He is a firm supporter of labor rights as well as healthcare. He also cares for the environmental sectors and wishes to create jobs that help reduce global warming. Bernie is quite an influential person who has power over the Democratic party.


Elementary School: P.S. 197, Hebrew School

High School: James Madison High School

College: Brooklyn College, University of Chicago


Bernie Sanders

Early life

Sanders was born to Elias Ben Yehuda Sanders and Dorothy Sanders. Dorothy was a paint salesman. Unfortunately, his mother died at the age of 46. Shortly after, his father also left his side, aged 57, on the 4th of August, 1962. 

During high school, Bernie showed a lot of interest in sports and was able to become captain of the track team. He graduated with a bachelor of arts degree in political science in 1964. Furthermore, he was not a bright student and had average scores in his papers. Bernie liked doing community work rather than indulge himself in books.

Bernie Sanders

The career of Bernie Sanders

Sanders used to organize a protest for the Congress of Racial Equality during his student years. Apart from that, he also used to hold rallies for various other events such as the Student Nonviolent Coordination Committee. He did that during the civil rights movement.

Sanders became the mayor of city Burlington in 1981, winning the opposing member by 10 votes extra. He re-elected for a total of 3 times to become the mayor. 

Bernie became the senator for the U.S in 2006 by-election. He was re-elected again in 2012 and 2018 for the position. He has represented the United States for almost 16 years now. 

List of Publication by Sanders are:
An outsider in the White House (1997; 2015)
• The Speech: On Corporate Greed and the Decline of Our Middle Class (2010; 2015)
• Bernie Sanders Guide to Political Revolution (2017)
• Furthermore, Where We Go from Here: Two Years in the Resistance