Catherine Paiz is a popular American model and Instagram influencer. She is famous for different reasons around the globe and in Hollywood. Catherine is known for being a part of the ACE Family as the mother of three daughters around the globe through her YouTube channel. She also gained fame for her famous friends and relatives in Hollywood. Ever since she came into the spotlight, she has outshined others celebrities off the model industry. Her iconic mixed ethnic looks make her the perfect diva for different moving shows.

Today we will be looking at the mom of the ACE Family. The ACE Family is a popular YouTube family channel that portrays a life of a mother and father raising their children in California. Mother being herself and father being her husband and her daughters have earned quite a fame of her YouTube Channel. So, what was the life of Catherine before she got famous? & do you know that she was adopted? Let us learn everything from her biography!

Quick Facts
NameCatherine Paiz
ProfessionAmerican model and Instagram influencer
Birth Date24th of August 1990
Birth PlaceMontreal, Canada
ParentsFather: Mr. Johnston Piaz
Mother: Dolores Catherine
HusbandAustin McBroom
Net Worth$2 Million
Height5 feet and 7 inches
Weight60 kg


Catherine Paiz
Catherine Paiz with her new born baby

What is Catherine Paiz Age?

As of 2022, Her age is around 32 years old. Catherine was born on the 24th of August 1990 in Montreal, Canada. She is originally a Canadian from her nationality and Mexican from her ethnicity. She was born in a rather struggling family before she became who is she is now. Her family had to work alongside different careers to give her food and shelter. However, her mom could not hold it for a longer time and gave Catherine for adoption.

Did Catherine Paiz’s parents know about her realtionship with Michael B Jordan?

As we discussed earlier, Catherine is adopted from foster care. Her dad Mr. Johnston Piaz and mom Dolores Catherine, are two successful family business owners. Catherine Paiz has never shared about her real mother because she doesn’t have much idea about it. However, she did explain that her mother’s name was Catherine and her foster care father kept the same name for her.

As for her realtionship with Michel B Jordan, Neither side have claimed the information nor denied it. However, they both had been spotted hanging with each other during different occasions but have not conformed to any rumors around it.

Catherine Paiz
Catherine Paiz and Michael B Jordan

Did Catherine Paiz get pregnant by Justin Beiber?

Catherine Paiz is married to her husband as of 2022. She was a popular model and a popular Instagram influencer back in 2017. Since celebrities like to hang out with different models and influencers, she was invited to hang out with Justin Beiber. The Canadian singer invited her since they both share the same nationality, and she seems to have caught his eye. Nevertheless, the hanging out was just for a friendly motive, and they didn’t have any intimate moments.

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What type of Engagement ring did Catherine Paiz receive in her engagement?

Her husband is a popular basketball player, Austin McBroom. Austin’s net worth is calculated around $2 million every year. Since her husband wanted her engagement to feel special, He gifted her a Radiant cut diamond of around 6 carats set in platinum. The whole design was hidden in Diamond halo and was created out of the latest Carat of Accent diamonds. You can follow her Instagram at @catherinemcbroom to take a sneak peek at her Engagement ring!

Catherine Paiz
Catherine Paiz with her husband and daughter

What is Catherine Paiz’s Net Worth?

As you can tell by now, Catherine Paiz is pretty famous with her name and modeling career. She also has her husband taking care of her family alongside her. However, here we will take a look at the total net worth of Catherine Paiz, including her assets and liabilities. Keep in mind that she is a famous YouTube and a tv host aside from a Model. So, how much could this popular media celebrity possibly make? Well, it turns out her net worth is around her husband, which is $2 Million.

What is the skincare routine of Catherine Paiz?

Catherine Paiz follows her typical skincare routine of a modeling brochure. First off, she starts with a three-time daily face wash and a moisturizer after each wash. During her free time, she tries to avoid eating unhealthy food. She says it’s better to eat healthy for a better height and weight. So. what are her height and weight then? Her height is around 5 feet and 7 inches, with her weight around 60 kg. Due to her ethnicity, she has dark brown eyes with light brown hair.

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