Clemson Tigers Football

The Clemson University Fighting Tigers are the Clemson University representatives in the sport of American football. As a result, the Tigers compete in the Atlantic Division of the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) as well as the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). Furthermore, Clemson Tigers are consistently ranked among the most elite college football programs in the United States. Furthermore, the team well known for its distinctive helmet, in addition, fight songs, and storied history. Further, it is also well known for its colours as well as the many traditions that are associated with the school.

Clemson Tigers Football

To clarify, the Clemson Tigers were formed in 1896. In addition, the team has had 6 undefeated seasons, 24 conference championships, and 7 divisional titles. Tigers are the producers of over 100 All-Americans, in addition, 17 Academic All-Americans and over 200 NFL players. Furthermore, the players that have been inducted into the College football of fame are:

Former Players:

  • Banks McFadden
  • Terry Kinard
  • Jeff Davis

Former Coaches:

Clemson Tigers Football

Clemson is hence one of the founding members of the ACC with 24 total conference titles. They hold 18 ACC titles, which is the most of any member, and they are also the holders of the most combined conference football titles of any Atlantic Coast Conference school.

The Tigers play their home games in on the university’s Memorial Stadium, also known as the “Death Valley”, which is situated on the Clemson, South Carolina campus. Above all, it is the 16th largest stadium in college football currently.


Clemson Tigers football current coaching staff

  • Dabo Swinney- Head Coach
  • Jeff Scott- Co-Offensive Coordinator, as well as, Wide Receivers Coach
  • Brent Venables- Defensive Coordinator, as well as, Linebackers Coach
  • Michael Reed- Cornerbacks Coach
  • Mickey Conn- Safeties Coach
  • Todd Bates- Defensive Line Coach
  • Tony Elliott- Co-Offensive Coordinator, as well as, Running Backs Coach
  • Danny Pearman- Special Teams Coordinator, as well as, Tight Ends, as well as, Offensive tackles Coach
  • Robbie Caldwell – Offensive Line Coach
  • Brandon Streeter- Quarterbacks Coach, as well as, Recruiting Coordinator
  • Lemanski Hall- Defensive Ends Coach
  • Joey Batson- Strength, as well as, Conditioning

Clemson Tigers Football

List of Head coaches

  1. 1896–1899: Walter M Riggs
  2. 1897: William M. Williams
  3. 1898: John A. Penton
  4. 1900–1903: John W. Heisman
  5. 1904: Shack Shealy
  6. 1905: Edward B. “Eddie” Cochems
  7. 1906–1915: Bob Williams
  8. 1907: Frank J. Shaughnessy
  9. 1908: Stein Stone
  10. 1910–1912: Frank M. Dobson
  11. 1916: Wayne Hart
  12. 1917–1920: Edward A. Donahue
  13. 1921–1922: Edward J. “Doc” Stewart
  14. 1923–1926: Bud Saunders
  15. 1927–1930: Josh C. Cody
  16. 1931–1939: Jess C. Neely
  17. 1940–1969: Frank Howard
  18. 1970–1972: Hootie Ingram
  19. 1973–1976: Jimmy “Red” Parker
  20. 1977–1978: Charley Pell
  21. 1978–1989: Danny Ford
  22. 1990–1993: Ken Hatfield
  23. 1993–1998: Tommy West
  24. 1999–2008: Tommy Bowden
  25. 2008–current: Dabo Swinney