Who is Drew Brees?

Drew Brees is an American football quarterback for the New Orleans Saints of the NFL (National Football League). He was born on January 15, 1979, in Dallas, Texas. Drew was born to Eugene Wilson, “Chip” Bres II, and his wife Mina Ruth, with the birth sign Capricorn. He grew up with his two siblings, sister Audrey Brees, and brother Reid Brees. Besides, with a height of 6 feet (1.83 m) and weight about 95 kg (209 lb), he has been able to maintain his body fit and healthy.

drew brees


Drew Brees first attended Austin Westlake High School. Later, he enrolled at Purdue University. He is a graduate with a degree in industrial management in 2001. Also, he is a member of the Sigma Chi fraternity.

Drew Brees Career

Drew Brees, since 2001, became active in playing football as his professional career. In 2001, he got select in the NFL draft by the San Diego Chargers. Drew played his first professional match against the Kansas City Chiefs in November 2001.

Drew, in total, played 16 games leading the team to an 8-8 record during the 2002 season. Later, in 2004, the AFC West got defeat by the Chargers due to which he got select to the 2004 Pro Bowl. Moreover, he was named the 2004 NFL Comeback Player of the Year. Likewise, he was a free agent in 2005, and the Chargers contracted with him for one-year for 2005. Again after he became a free agent, Chargers offered him a contract for five years. However, he did not accept the agreement.

Moreover, the Miami Dolphins and The New Orleans Saints also showed interest in Brees. Thus, he signed a contract with the New Orleans Saints for six years on March 14, 2006. Also, he was able to set the NFL record during the season of 2007.

drew brees

Furthermore, he was named as the AP Male Athlete of the Year on December 17, 2010. Drews signed a contract with the Saints for five years on July 13, 2012. Later in 2016, he threw a career-high-98-yard touchdown pass to Brandin Cooks. This was in the match against Oakland Rivers.

Besides his football career, Drew also has a website that raises funds to improve the quality of life for cancer patients. Also, it aims to provide education, care, and opportunities, for those children and families who are in need.

Net Worth

The professional NFL player, Drew has been able to earn popularity along with a handsome amount of money. Moreover, he is considered one of the highest-paid players in the NFL. His net worth is estimated to be about $24.25 million per year. He has an estimated net worth of about $130 million.

Personal Life of Drew Brees

drew brees

Drew Brees is a married man. He is married to his high school sweetheart Brittany Dudchenko. After dating for five years, the couple shared the vows to each other in February 2003. Also, the couple is now blessed with four kids together.


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