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Ed Buck is an American businessman, LGBTQ political activist. Also, he is a Democrat political fundraiser. Ed previously worked as an actor. Buck has several criminal charges against him, starting from three counts of battery for injecting a man with a high dose of methamphetamine.

Quick Info 
Birth NameEdward Buckmelter
BornAugust 24, 1954
Age66 yrs
Net Worth$2 million
Ed Buck
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Early Life

Ed Buck was born on August 24, 1954, in Steubenville, Ohio, US. His birth name is Edward Buckmelter. Details about his parents and siblings are unknown to the public. When revealed, you will be the first to know through Wikiblog. Later in the early 1980s, he changed his name to Buck. Buck holds an American nationality.

Talking about his educational qualifications, he chose North High School for primary education. He then attended  Phoenix College to complete his further education. After college, he worked as a model for a brief time.

Personal Life

Buck, at the age of 16, was open about him being gay to his parents. In 1989, he became the Grand Marshal of the 19889 International Gay Rodeo.


Ed Buck started his career as a fashion model in Europe. Also, he featured in television commercials and two movies. Moreover, Buck purchased the Gopher Courier for $250,000. Later, he sold and became a millionaire.

Furthermore, Buck started the campaign founding “Mecha, Watchdog  Committee” for impeaching Arizona Republican Governor Evan Mecham. On December 21, 1986, he announced the campaign and became the leader on the protest day. Even the highlighted the opposition of Mecham to a King Holiday. Moreover, he distributed a bumper sticker named “Mecham for Ex-Governor”.

Ed Buck
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Likewise, Robert K. Corbin, Arizona Attorney General., made a rule that the state employee could use the stickers on their cars. Also, there was an anti-Mecham campaign that read “made Buck a household name in Arizona”. Also, Julian Sanders attacked Buck over his homosexuality. Then in 1988, Buck switched the registration from Republican to Democrat.

In 2007, Buck moved to West Hollywood and ran the city council which became unsuccessful. Also, he served as the steering committee of the “Stonewall Democratic Club”. Moreover, Buck has given a donation to the Democratic candidates of nearly about $30,000.


Ed came into huge limelight after the dead body of a young African-American man named Gemme Moore was found in his apartment on July 27, 2017. Moore was an escort and was found in Ed’s living room with the television playing a pornography movie. From the crime scene, the police found various syringes and sex toys as well as drug paraphernalia and a plastic containing methamphetamine.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney at that time named Jackie Lacey declined to indict Buck on the 26th of July, 2018 and her decision was highly criticized by a local writer named Jasmyne Cannick. After this news, several other accusations against Ed started flowing. It seemed that this was not the first time Ed brought gay men over to his house and inject them with drugs.

Ed Buck
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Later in 2019, another man named Timothy Michael Dean was found dead in Ed Buck’s home. After this incident, 50 civil rights organizations requested the concerned authorities to conduct a thorough investigation. He was finally arrested on the 17th of September with charges of administering methamphetamine, three counts of battery causing serious injury, as well as maintaining a drug house.

The authorities added more charges two days later, charges of one count of distribution of methamphetamine resulting in death for the death of Gemme Moore in his apartment. Ed currently has nine counts of felonies and is waiting for his trial, which is postponed due to Covid.

Net Worth

Ed Buck’s net worth is under $2 million.

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