What is Maybach Music?

Maybach Music Group (MMG) is a record label that is founded by an American rapper named Rick Ross. The albums of this group and label are distributed by Atlantic Records, which is a division of the Atlantic Records Group. Distribution was taken over by the Atlantic after the expiration of a deal with Island Def Jam. The label releases started getting distributed by Atlantic Records from December 12, 2012.

Maybach Music group has released over 19 solos and three compilation albums, including five certified Gold albums. Although the label does not have any female artists, Maybach has signed with many successful artists like Ross himself, Wale, Meek Mill, Omarion, Gunplay and Torch. The albums titled “Deeper than Rap,” “God forgives, I Don’t” and “Mastermind” released by Rick Ross, “Championships” and “Dreams Worth More Than Money” by Meek Mill and “The Gifted” and “The album about Nothing” by Wale has also debuted at number 1 on the Billboard 200 chart.


Album Release

Maybach Music Group released its first album “Deeper than Rap” which was his third studio album in the summer of 2009. Ross then focused more on signing artists to his label and discovered musicians like Masspike Miles and hip hop group Triple C’s consisting of members Gunplay, Torch, and Young Breed in the process. Ross released Triple C’s debut studio album “Custom Cars & Cycles” on October 27, 2009, through Def Jam. MMG issued Teflon Don in 2010, with another album which was named “Color, Cut & Clarity” by Triple C’s, which was scheduled to be distributed but has not since date.

Ross also made an offer to rapper Wiz Khalifa to sign to Maybach Music Group in 2010, but Khalifa was already signed with Atlantic Records at the time. Furthermore, Ross confirmed that he intended to launch Maybach Music Latino and Maybach Music Jamaica in 2011 and signed Maybach Music Group’s first reggae artist, Magazeen. On March 25, 2011, Maybach Music Group announced that R&B & Soul singer Teedra Moses had signed to their label via Warner Bros. Records as its first female artist.


Joint Venture

French Montana announced that he had signed a joint venture deal with Maybach Music Group and Bad Boy Records with Rick Ross and Diddy on January 2, 2012, to produce his debut album executively. Furthermore, Rick Ross went on to sign Omarion to the Maybach Music Group on May 2, 2012.

Ross announced that his label moved to Atlantic Records on December 11, 2012. However, Ross himself is signed as a solo artist to Epic Records.

Rick Ross appeared on Signed, which is a VH1 Television series on August 26, 2017. He offered Cozywiththecurls and Just Brittany single deals and were accepted by both of them. Jeff Chery and Tay Walker, who were the winners of the tv show, were also offered only deals with MMG.


Artists of Maybach

The artists who are currently under this label are:

  • Rick Ross, as well as
  • Triple C’s, as well as
  • Masspike Miles, as well as
  • Gunplay, as well as
  • Young Breed, as well as
  • Torch, as well as
  • Wale, as well as
  • Meek Mill, as well as
  • Fat Trel, as well as
  • Omarion, as well as
  • Whole Slab, as well as
  • Quise, as well as
  • Scrilla, as well as
  • Trooper Tikey