Who is Michael Myers?

Michael Audrey Myers is a fictional character and supervillain in the Halloween series of slasher films. He made his first appearance in John Carpenter’s Halloween in 1978. He was a young boy who murdered his sister, Judith Myers and then returns home after fifteen years to kill more teenagers. Michael is also known as The Shape, The Boogeyman, as well as Evil on Two Legs.

Quick Info
Celebrated NameMichael Myers
Professionfictional character and supervillain in the Halloween series of slasher films
Birth DateOctober 19, 1957
Birth PlaceHaddonfield, Illinois
ParentsFather: Donald Myers
Mother: Edith Myers

Michael Myers

History of Michael Myers

Myers was born on the 19th of October, 1957 to Donald Myers and Edith Myers in Haddonfield, Illinois. He resided in a two-story house at 45 Lampkin Lane. Michael claimed to suffer from bizarre nightmares and heard voices telling him to do things by 1963.

On the 31st of October, 1963, Michael was home with his sister Judith who was supposed to babysit her. However, he went to spend an intimate moment with her boyfriend, Danny. Michael, then, dressed up in a clown costume and picked up a kitchen knife after her boyfriend left. He stabbed her and then walked downstairs and waited for his parents and the police to arrest him.

Later, he was taken to Smith’s Grove Sanitarium and was examined by Dr Sam Loomis. He spent the rest 15 years of his life not speaking a word or barely moving.  Later, he destroyed his room at the sanitarium on the 30th of October, 1978 and carved “sister” on his door and broke out.

Michael Myers

The day of Return

Michael then murdered a truck driver and stole his boiler suit. He then returned to his childhood home. He then went on to find her younger sister, Cynthia Myers or Laurie Strode. Michael started stalking her and her friends.

Laurie and Annie were babysitting across the street from each other when Michael watched them. He first killed Laurie’s friend Annie when she left to meet her boyfriend by slitting her throat. He then murdered Lynda and Bob, the other friends of Annie.

Later, Michael lunged at his sister and caught her on the arm with his knife. Laurie ran for help and was forced to stab him with both a wire hanger and his sword. Michael rose again to attack Laurie. However, Dr Loomis appeared at that time and shot him six times, and he fell off the balcony. Michael however, vanished when Loomis went to check the body.

Michael Myers

After the Incident

Michael was not dead despite being shot. He still went on to find Laurie in the hospital where she was kept. He killed Laurie’s protectors at the hospital that consisted of a security guard, two paramedics, a doctor, and four nurses. However, Dr Loomis arrived in time to save Laurie and caused an explosion in the hospital operating room and burned Michael.

Michael was still not dead and went on to kill more people in the Halloween series. He has killed a total of 81 people to date.