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Taylor Swift has recently given the hints about the plan of her to re-record her songs after her masters were purchased by the music manager Scooter Braun. The “CBC Sunday Morning” on Wednesday interviewed the 29 years old pop star. This weekend, the interview will be aired. In the preview of the segment, the reporter asked her if she would consider re-recording her songs for the new version. For this, Swift replied: “Oh Yeah”. Also, they asked her if this was her further plan. She replied: “Yeah”. Her few words of the preview went viral around the world only within a few minutes.

No further information about the plan was provided. However, the remarks opened up a plethora of legal questions about when and how Swift could re-record her version. Also to snatch income from Big Machine. Moreover, the songs are not the ones by her former labels but the ones played by her fans. Also, sued in commercial ventures like advertisements, movies, TV shows, and other uses does not includehere.

News about Taylor Swift contract with CBC Sunday Morning

Without any details of the contract of Taylor, many unnamed sources started batting around on both sides of the coin. On one side, it was stated that Taylor would not be able to re-record songs of her from 2018 to five years. This is because her deal was expired with Big Machine. While on the next side, an Insider tells the Variety that Taylor believes that she can re-record her songs. A lawyer also asserted that Taylor is a Donald passman and one of the top attorneys in the industry. On the other hand, the other man who has written the book based on the music industry said that there will not be any re-record restriction in the artist’s contract.

Laurie Soriano says that there is no reason that Taylor should be stopped from moving ahead with her new version of songs. Laurie is a top music industry attorney, who has no investment in Taylor’s contract. Once the label expires of the artist’s contract, the artist has a contractual right for recording a new label and to make money of those recordings.

More about her contract

However, some contracts have original production. This restricts a newly recorded version to be similar to the original. If there is the case, then Swift-sung heavy metal takes on “Love Story”. Beside, reggaeton version of “Mean”, can move across to the reality. Soriano says that the label is an unusual provision to make seeing as interest in the catalogs. This often spurs the consumption of the originals and the new versions.

For making sure, Taylor has made her fans more about Braun’s acquisition of her masters. Her massive fans will likely follow her, whatever version of her songs she asks them to do. Such confusion may lead to an effect on the perception of the worth of the Big Machine catalog, potentially devaluing the assets.

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