Many people are not exactly comfortable with making eye contact with strangers. It can make us feel quite awkward and especially so if you don’t know who it is that you are looking at. Eye contact however is incredibly important in today’s world and people judge us by their first impressions of us. You need to do whatever you can to make sure that they see you in the right light. We communicate every single day using our eyes and it is a used non-verbal communication skill. We all need to learn about and to reflect upon. If you want to be a good communicator then it is essential that you learn about the importance of eye contact in any given situation.

The Impact of Eye Contact on Communication

Due to the fact that this is part of the body that people will be looking at, you need to make sure that your eyes don’t look tired and so you can always use ฟิลเลอร์ใต้ตา to disguise that fact. Sometimes we don’t get a good night’s sleep or we are stressed out about a particular thing and so how we feel is shown in and around our eyes. If you are still not yet convinced about the importance of eye contact when it comes to properly communicating then maybe the following reasons for doing it can help to educate you somewhat.

Eye Con

  • It helps to create a bond – When you share eye contact with someone and you hold your gaze for just a little while then you are communicating with them and they are with you. We can actually show are motions through the use of our eyes and so this allows us to show empathy and sympathy to people that we are trying to communicate with.
  • It helps to build trust – If you are trying to do business with someone else and get them to sign a new contract then it is important that you make eye contact with them because many business people have said that if the other individual cannot hold their gaze then there is a distinct lack of trust on their part.
  • It helps with understanding – If you are listening to another person then you may only be hearing them and so by using your eyes to indicate understanding, you’re letting them know that you are listening to everything that they have to say. Making eye contact helps both parties to keep their focus on the ongoing conversation even when n vacation and this helps with understanding.

The Power of Eye Contact: Building Respectful Relationships


Eye Cont

Everything in life is all about being respectful and if you can make eye contact with someone then they will respect you back. There are many other things that contribute to a normal and healthy relationship but eye contact is one of the more important ones. You can’t keep looking down at the ground or looking away from them because then they will not trust you and so they won’t want to be your friend or your business colleague.