Tips for Hosting a Family Friendly Corporate Christmas Party include  fun food stations, separate areas and Thank you notes. Hosting a corporate Christmas party that is fun for employees and their families can be tricky. You want to create a festive atmosphere while keeping things appropriate and engaging for all ages. There are a lot of factors to consider when planning a party for both adults and children. Here are five tips to help make your family friendly corporate Christmas party a success:

Tips for Hosting Family Friendly Christmas Party

Send Out Invites Early

Be sure to send out invites as early as possible, at least 4-6 weeks before the party date, if not earlier. This gives employees plenty of time to make arrangements like booking babysitters or travel and also allows them to get excited about bringing their families to the event. The invites should clearly specify that significant others and children of all ages are welcome so employees can plan accordingly. Send out both email and physical mailed invites to cover all bases and ensure everyone receives their invitation.

Book Family Friendly Attractions

Organizing fun activities suitable for kids, teens, and adults will keep everyone entertained throughout the event. FunCrew USA has a large selection of fun rentals available for corporate events. From bounce houses and obstacle courses to carnival rides and snow machines, you can check out their blog to find out more. Consider setting up craft and cookie decorating stations, hiring magicians or caricature artists to mingle with guests, and designating areas for video and arcade games. Having prize giveaways and kids-only raffles makes things extra special for younger guests.

Tips for Hosting Family Friendly Christmas Party

Provide Separate Areas

Set up a dedicated kids area with childcare providers and age-appropriate activities to give parents a break to enjoy the party. Have a comfortable, relaxing adult lounge with appetizers, a bar, and mingling areas so parents can take some time to themselves. A teen zone with music, movies, games and even celebrity or musical guests can help older kids feel like they have their own space as well.

Offer Fun Food Stations

Cater to families with a variety of food options that kids will enjoy like chicken fingers, mac and cheese, make-your-own pizzas, a s’mores station and build-your-own-sundae bars. Keep appetizers and snacks festive like Christmas cookies, hot chocolate and apple cider, yet simple enough for kids. Have allergy-friendly options clearly marked on food labels and consider offering refreshments like mocktails for teens.

Send Thank You Notes

After the event, take the time to send handwritten thank you notes to all employees and their families who attended. Personalized notes to the children telling them how much you enjoyed having them there and thanking them for participating adds a very nice, personal touch. Mail thank you notes to any vendors, entertainment, childcare providers, and others who helped make the event special for families as well.

Hosting a corporate Christmas party for families requires some extra planning but is worth the effort. Following these tips will help create a memorable and engaging event that caters to guests of all ages. With the right preparation, your company Christmas party can be both professional and family friendly.