You may have heard people say that a slot machine is hot or cold, but what does it really mean?  If you’re planning to bet on these games, understanding the concept of hot and cold slots is one of the first steps to take.

The Myth of Hot and Cold Slots

People use the expression of hot slots to explain that a machine is ready to pay out. You might also see this situation referred to as it is a loose slot. On the other hand, a cold slot is one that probably isn’t going to pay out now and may be going through a losing streak.

The truth is that these phrases don’t really mean anything, since hot and cold slots don’t exist. By looking at how these gambling machines operate, we can see why this is the case what. And what else you can do to try and find the right slot to try at any given time. 

How Do Slots Really Work?

The most important part of modern slots is something that’s called the random number generator (RNG). This is the set of algorithms that make sure that every single spin played on it is completely random and unpredictable. No one knows whether it will be a winning spin or not until the symbols land.

Because of this, the results of earlier spins don’t matter in terms of what happens next. Each spin sees a random outcome that’s entirely unrelated to any other spins. This fits in with the theory called gambler’s fallacy, where players often mistakenly believe that the result of a random game affects the next playing of it.

The truth is that once you’ve played a slot, the next time you play it could result in the same outcome or something completely different. This is the real reason why you could see a machine give out several wins or losses in a row. 

How Can You Tell If You’re Likely to Win?

Now that we’ve covered the random nature of slots; it’s time to look at the different ways you can try to increase your chances of winning. This mainly comes down to choosing the right slot. If you’re playing online slots, you can head to the casino’s lobby and see what games they offer.

One easy way to find a slot that increases your chances is by looking at the RTP figure. This is a percentage that lets you see right away how much the slot is expected to return to all of its players over time.

This could be something like 92%, 95% or 96%. So, while it varies there isn’t usually a massive difference between the games. In fact, if you only play a few games the RTP isn’t going to have a huge impact. So, you could win more on a game with a lower RTP than another.

The RTP only really kicks in when you play a lot of spins. So it’s fair to say that it gives you a way of making a difference to your chances if you plan to play for a long time. If you only want a few spins, the RTP isn’t such a major factor.

Another element built into slots is called volatility. This is how you can tell the sort of pattern the game uses to pay out. While it’s still random, a slot with a low level of volatility is expected to pay out more regularly than a high volatility equivalent, although the wins may be smaller.

How Should You Choose Your Next Slot?

As we’ve seen, slots give a totally random outcome on every spin played. This means that you can choose to simply pick any slot and look forward to more or less the same chance of winning that you would have with any other game.

The alternative is to look at the RTP and the volatility, finding a slot that fits your style and budget. For example; if you want a long playing session with a fairly low budget, then a low volatility slot with a high RTP should give you the best chance to keep winning small wins to keep you ticking over.

Or what if you have a fairly high bankroll but are happy spending it on just as few spins in the hope of winning big? In this case, knowing the RTP doesn’t really help you too much. But you may feel that a slot with a high level of volatility suits your goals better.

With so much choice in the online slots world now, there’s a type of slot out there for everyone. It’s simply a question of looking for one you like the look of. This could be because of the overall number of features or because it includes hot drop jackpots or some other feature that you want to try.

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