Alan Moore is a big name in the writing industry. He is an English professional writer. On the 18th of November, 1953, he was born in Northampton, Northampton shire, England. Alan has some trendy books under his name, which have movie versions like Watchmen, Batman, and V for Vendetta.

People regard him as the best comic writer in the English language. Furthermore, peers and critics widely recognize him as an excellent writer.

Quick Info
Celebrated NameAlan Moore
Birth Date18th of November, 1953
Birth PlaceNorthampton, Northampton shire, England
Star SignScorpio
WifePhyllis (divorced)
Melinda Gebbie
Net Worth$1 million

Alan Moore

How did Alan Moore begin his career?

Alan Moore entered the publishing industry in the early 1970s. Furthermore, he worked as a writer and artist for several independent magazines. Later, he broke into the mainstream with stories for Doctor Who Weekly. Later, he wrote the science-fiction anthology series 2000 AD. However, his gift for deconstructing the superhero genre first appeared in 1982. He resurrected the classic British hero Marvelman.

It is called Miracleman in the United States, for the magazine Warrior. Firstly, Moore imagined Marvelman as a middle-aged reporter who forgot his role as the world’s preeminent superhero. Later, stories examined how an individual with godlike powers would interact with society.

Alan Moore

V for Vendetta (1982–86) was Moore’s next project that turned the Marvelman narrative on its head. He placed near-infinite power in the hands of a ruling political party. He cast an erudite terrorist in a Guy Fawkes mask as the protagonist. Furthermore, DC Comics hired Moore to write Swamp Thing In 1983. Swamp Thing is a short monster comic that Moore transformed into a monthly meditation on life and death.

Furthermore, it pushed the boundaries of what could be done in a mainstream book, and his success led to Watchmen working with writers like Dave Gibbons. Also, Watchmen helped define the term graphic novel to many readers. The characters of Watchmen were morally complex.

More About His Career

Moore’s From Hell, published from 1991-96, turned into a short action film in 2001 with an unlikely happy ending. Later, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, first published in 1999, released its film version in 2003.

Alan Moore

Furthermore, Moore launched his publishing imprint, America’s Best Comics, in 1999 with the flagship title Promethea.  However, his name was absent from the credits to the film adaptations of the movies based on his books. He requested his name to not be associated with the adaptations due to his previous ill-fated dealings with Hollywood.

Who is Alan Moore’s wife?

Moore married his first wife, Phyllis, in the early 1970s. They have two daughters together. Later, he married Melinda Gebbie on the 12th of May, 2007. He is working with Melinda on several comics, most notably Lost Girls.

What is the net worth of Alan Moore?

Alan is one of the renowned actors in the industry. He is especially notable for his comic book writing. Likewise, his writing has earned him massive popularity. Along with fame, he also makes a good amount of money. His net worth is estimated to be $1 million.