What is WWE NXT?

WWE NXT simply referred to as NXT, is a U.S. based professional wrestling WWE. The purpose of the NXT is to serve as a farm system for WWE’s main roster. However, NXT has been viewed as it’s own distinct by wrestling pundits and fans. As a result, it has become a brand of its rights. NXT initially held its shows in the Orlando, Florida area. It has now expanded its reach as time went on and has been going on various national and international tours. Furthermore, the program is praised for its high quality of wrestling and audience-capturing storylines.



NXT formed after the dissolution of the ECW brand in 2010. The NXT trademark caused a dispute between World Wrestling Entertainment and Scotland’s Scottish Wrestling Alliance (SWA) since the SWA’s developmental division also called their division “NXT.” The company later secured the NXT trademark and SWA’s developmental division renamed “SWA: Source.” World Wrestling Entertainment debuted the NXT television program in February of 2010. It featured rookies from WWE’s Tampa, a developmental territory based on Florida of the Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW), who competed to become members of WWE’s main roster. The company ceased operating FCW in June of 2012 instead of running all its developmental events at Full Sail University under the WWE NXT banner.



NXT held its first live two-hour special event called the NXT Arrival on the 27th of February, 2014. This is the first live in-ring program broadcast on WWE Network. WWE then schedule two more special events and eventually became a regular fixture on WWE Network.

NXT promoted its first live events outside of Florida in Columbus, Ohio, in March of 2014. NXT held its first TakeOver show in August of the same year outside of Full Sail with NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. They held their first international TakeOver event with NXT TakeOver: London in December. NXT was running around 200 shows per year between the United States and overseas by 2016.


Controversies of WWE NXT

Several former NXT trainees previously working within WWE alleged misconduct by head trainer Bill DeMott in late February and March. Judas Devlin and Brandon Traven publicized complaints which they had submitted to WWE management about DeMott back in March 2013 when they were within WWE. Meanwhile, other ex trainees like Briley Pierce, Derrick Bateman, and independent wrestler Terra Calaway also made allegations against DeMott in 2015. The company also noted previous claims made in 2013 by Chad Baxter and Chase Donovan. All of them accused DeMott of making trainees perform dangerous drills, using homophobic and racial slurs, amongst other derogatory terms. Furthermore, he was accused of physically assaulting and bullying trainees and condoning sexual harassment.

WWE released statements about the investigations. They revealed that they did not find any wrongdoings regarding some of the claims.  DeMott denied the allegations but resigned from WWE on the 6th of March, 2015. He explained he left to avoid any embarrassment and damage to the company.

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