Who is Donal Logue?

Famous for his work on television super hits such as Vikings and Sons of Anarchy, Donal Francis Logue is a Canadian-born actor who also has his fair share of hands in producing and writing. He is well known for his versatility and his skills which have made him one of the most respected personalities in the industry today. He is blessed with musical talents as well and has this tremendous charisma. But how did King Horik (the character he played in the TV series ‘Vikings‘) make a name for himself? How did Lee Toric (his character in Sons of Anarchy) make it into the gargantuan American industry? 

Donal Logue


Donal Logue was born in Ontario, Canada. His parents were Irish and their occupation caused them to move from place to place. As a result, Donal, in his childhood, lived in Canada, Boston, and elsewhere before finally settling in California. Logue had three sisters – Karina, Eileen, and Deirdre. In California, Logue admitted to Central Union High School. It was there where he got fond of theatre. He also created a theatre group called Imperial Valley Players to perform in the school’s auditorium. 

Logue also attended the Jesuit school St. Ignatius’ College in London, England. In 1983, he became elected president of the 37th session of the American Legion Boys Nation. This was a pretty big achievement as he became the first non-citizen to be given that honor. He joined Harvard University to study history there, where he graduated in 1988. 

While in college, he performed in over 30 plays, worked for a long time in the American Repertory Theatre’s Harvard/Radcliffe Summer Stock Company and he also spent a short time in England doing theatre. Logue also joined the Cornerstone Theatre Company. At this point, he decided to pursue his passion for acting. 

Movies and Tv shows

Logue had his own flair in acting. In his early days, Logue performed in small plays. But his friends could see his brilliance even if the play was not of a huge magnitude. Impressed by Logue’s talent, his friends convinced him to audition for bigger plays. He auditioned for 15 of them but unfortunately rejected. But one day, out of the blue, Logue was asked to audition for the movie ‘Sneakers’. Although he was short on experience, he got nods of approval from big names like Ben Kingsley and Robert Redford. Logue’s talents were recognized, and his career finally got a kick start in 1992. 

Donal Logue


In 1993, he featured in a movie named Gettysburg and also played his part on the Northern Exposure episode “Baby Blues” and The X-Files episode “Squeeze”. Some of the other films he appeared in were ‘Blade’, ‘Patriot’, “Purple Violets’ and ‘The Groomsmen’. He also won a special Grand Jury Prize for the Best Actor at the 2000 Sundance Film Festival for his masterly role in ‘The Tao of Steve’. From 2000 to 2007, he made appearances in creations like ‘Grounded For Life’ and ‘The Knights of Prosperity’ (originally called I Want to Rob Mick Jagger). In 2010, Logue appeared on ‘House’ as a millionaire patient. Logue also partnered with the famous Nicholas Cage in Ghost Rider and Zodiac, and alongside Mark Wahlberg in the movie Max Payne. 

Tv shows

One of the notable moments in Logue’s career came in 2010 when he left acting for Truck Driving after one of his TV Series called ‘Terriers’ canceled. The leave was brief, fortunately for us. Logue also starred as the main character in a music video for the song ‘Lowlife’. In 2012, he joined the cast of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ and ‘Vikings’ where he cemented his already established name in the American Film Industry. ‘Copper’, ‘CBGB’, and ‘9 Full Moons’ were some of the other Tv shows. He has also made an impact with his roles in the crime and legal drama ‘Law and Order: Special Victims Unit’, the DC-based series ‘Gotham‘, and Adam Massey’s thriller ‘The Intruders’. 


One of the reasons why Donal Logue has made such a big name for himself is his adaptiveness. Logue is both creative and optimistic. He always seeks to be of service to others, one of the reasons why he is very easy to love.

Donal Logue

Age, height, and weight

Keeping so much interest in building body, Donal believes fitness is the main key to good health. Donal Logue is 54 years old. He weighs about 75 kg and stands 1.78m (5 feet 10 inches) high. He has brown colored eyes and light brown hair. 


Donal’s divorce created a stir among his fans. It was rumored that he was gay so his marriage couldn’t last but there is no evidence in these rumors. At a time, it was rumored he had an affair with a Columbian American producer. Despite such rumors, the actor is living a successful career and claims to appear in more movies in the coming days. 

He has two children from his former wife. Both of them are attending schools now.

Net worth 

A single charming rich man? I don’t think it’s even a topic to discuss. It’s definitely a big yes. Donal Logue is a Canadian-Irish actor who has a net worth of $3 million. His other sources of income acting, directing, producing, and writing.